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B waishou Japanese graduate students

School of languages was upgraded to   next school year enrollment "master of translation"   system for two years   prospects for employment--  report   second Institute of foreign languages Japanese Department was upgraded to college next year, they will take in Japanese graduate students (referred to as MTI).  

the middle of this month, Japanese official Japanese Academy, the establishment of a new Department of intercultural communication, MTI students nationwide for the first time next year.  

pan to the College President told reporters that the Japanese master of establishment in some universities in the country until last year, the two outside the city's first entrance qualifications.  

according to the introduction, and well known compared to simultaneous interpretation, master of Japanese translation ability of stronger job prospects are more promising in the future. This year, to learn Japanese as a second foreign graduates are still sought after, employment rate exceeds 90%. According to the different difficulty, engage in simultaneous interpreting day paid up to 5000 or even tens of thousands of Yuan.  

reporters learned that MTI school system for two years, is expected next year to impose enrollment plan, applicants will participate in the national graduate school entrance exams.  

Japanese College Freshman Wang, who told reporters that he is interested in this, if their grades are good, may well choose not to direct employment, continue to apply for graduate students.  

in addition to MTI, a new Department of intercultural communication will also set up by business Japanese, Japanese tourism and other directions, for third-year undergraduate students of the school to choose.

Pan President told reporters that these graduates of the future access to Japanese companies, travel companies, or into the Sino-Japanese cultural exchange-related associations or social groups, from the present distribution of graduates is expected to worry about "the in-laws."


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