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Beautiful Zhang premier reference translation of ancient Chinese poetry

morning news (reporter   Zhang   Li Yu) after the closing of the national people's Congress, and Premier Wen Jiabao at a press conference the focus of media attention at home and abroad, Premier Wen once again with the wise and learned, with rich literary answer attracted Chinese and foreign journalists. Meanwhile, sitting beside Wen beautiful translation of Zhang Lu, as the location of fluently translating ancient poetry of the premier reference, also hit by millions of viewers and netizens. Yesterday, reporters saw on the website Twitter, Zhang Lu's World Championships seventh-ranked than Liu getting messages.

"I think she very well indeed is a national standard. "Luo Lisheng, Department of foreign languages of Tsinghua University Director said in an interview, from a professional point of view, the entire Conference translation is very smooth, many political vocabulary, translation is more appropriate. Press Conference of premier reference classical poems, because of Chinese and English cultural background vary greatly, with profound cultural connotation reflected the difficulty in translation, and generally can only translate to the effect. But she did well, which generally translate well.

hot comments on more emotional color of netizens, most of us, it is her ability to translate classical literature. Premier reference poem lisao "good heart, and but a die without regret", many users found it clever place to Zhang's translation, "the Chinese saying ' die ', English die thousand times (1000) is enough. "Think Zhang Lu to" nine "translated as" thousand times "is aptly, guess she is well-born, abiding. There are many users fall for Zhang's temperament, KelseyLiu wrote on Twitter: "high collar Zhang Lu is forever my role model! Fan son, she is a true professional, elegant, tasteful, and hair look good. I'm going to tell her this go ahead! ”

reporters learned that Zhang is China Foreign Affairs University, Department of international law class of 1996, graduating in 2000, later diverted to do advanced translation, current translation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director of room, high has a wealth of experience, is the leader of Chief translator, also a chief interpreter of important foreign occasions, outside an admiration for her was: "responsive, elegant. ”

according to media reports, because the Premier's language is very rich, often referenced when talking and vocabulary of ancient Chinese poetry, translation did a lot of preparatory work, generally in the little book to sort out the Prime Minister said before the ancient verses and phrases, lest the spot confusion. According to Zhang introduced Diplomatic Academy's little sister, Zhang is very intelligent, very hard and often work overtime until the wee hours of one or two points, almost every day, listening to the BBC, VOA, CNN, love notes, love looks at the references and the global times.

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