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Cultural translation go bad not bad money

on March 22, Phoenix "Qiang Qiang people's Bank" to translate as the theme, inviting Germany sinologist Gu Bin and famous culture people wonders about the importance of translation of Chinese culture.  

three topics from the "two sessions," the premier female interpreter of the popular network Zhang Lu started. Leung Man Tao feels odd is why let users sought after a female interpreter was in full swing? Three people consistent think this is because she put temperature Prime Minister speech in the of China ancient poetry translation have very in place apt, caught has once let China culture of essence to world show of opportunities, let world know, except times weekly 2009 degrees characters groups "China workers" outside, China also has profound of culture heritage, has "also more than heart of by good XI, is nine died its Judah not regrets" of character.  

time, beautiful translation unknown, who astonished the Chinese translation, translation Professor at Zhejiang University, specializing in Chinese Guo Jianzhong teacher laughed, I hope to take this translation this year spring upswing in popularity.  

cultural deficit: for a long time but in fact  

in recent years, China's cultural exchanges with foreign countries and spread a large number of "excess" cultural deficit larger. In publishing, for example, import and export trade of China publishing industry has shown a deficit in the State. Statistics show that today 2007 national books, newspapers and magazines imported more than 200 million US dollars, cumulative exports had more than 37 million dollars only; in the copyright trade, 2008 China introduced copyright 15776, copyright only 2440 output.  

"copyright trade deficit caused by many factors, but in the final analysis or translation problem. "The cipg cipg Vice President said China and Chinese culture to the world, translation work is only a bridge, but also a barrier. Chinese culture can go very far, largely depends on the translation results. "China struggled in the international markets, in addition to be limited by cultural differences, deeper talent is the cause of problems, especially the lack of high-level foreign talent. "Huang Youyi stressed that if you cross the Ridge, however, Chinese culture is impossible to stride out.  

relevant experts can use authentic foreign or alien can understand, aptly expressed the Chinese meaning of the original, books have no place in the international market, China is the key.  

in literature, for example, Chinese writers abroad readers is not optimistic, because "foreign" lagging, many great literary works have not translated into idiomatic English, it is difficult to publish. By Lao She literary prize-winning novel, end of 2004 respectively, with Japan, France, Italy, the British publishers of the four countries signed copyright export cooperation Association "outside the bookstore, see Introduction to qigong, recipes of Chinese books, Chinese cultural translation is rare. "The Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor Zhang Xiping sighs.  

of course, China does not lack money in recent years, every major international book fairs, book stalls, and spend money in the placement and hiring will not relent, but Chinese culture did not play its due role in the spread. A case study of the London Book Fair 2007, reporters saw in the book fair booth displayed books in China and only some old acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, menus, tourist attractions and mingled in the translation of Clinton's autobiography, piled next to the booth "the nongfu spring", "master", and off his sweater ... ...  

superior translation translation is too hard to find  

Advanced Translation Studies Institute at Shanghai International Studies University Institute Director, said Xie Tianzhen, Professor of comparative literature and the translation, Chinese culture, how to get out? Or more specifically: how Chinese culture can go out of the country, known to the rest of the world, accepted, and the influence of other cultures? State has always attached great importance to this, departments concerned have done a lot of work, there's even a lot of money, but frankly, compared with our input, we achieved results I'm afraid in this area is far from expected.  

an example may illustrate the issue. A few years ago, writer Liu visited France, he found the reception of the French almost nobody knows ... Arguably, from the 50 's of the last century, lot of Lu Xun's works have been translated and published abroad in English, in French, also in other languages, but generally sit unused in a professional library shelves.  

a famous translator Yang xianyi and his United Kingdom Mrs Diego is the best partner of translating Chinese works, their translation of the Red Mansion called English classic. But Xie directed a doctoral student for more than 170 years in more than 10 English translation compare the versions of a dream of Red mansions, and to United States University field trips to collect data only after know Yang Dai two of translation and the United Kingdom translator David Hawkes, Min Fude translation compared to the dream of the Red Chamber, whether it is the number of reader's borrowing or circulation, reference rates, there is a big gap.  

that means going out of the translation of Chinese culture is not limited simply to the quality of translation and should be fine for the foreign culture and foreign readers, understanding of foreign markets. Current Chinese works are of great impact in the foreign sinologists from overseas. More than 70-year old Howard Goldblatt has translated over BA Jin and Mo Yan and Su Tong, Feng jicai, and Jia pingwa and Lai, Liu Heng, Zhang Jie, Wang Shuo, who works in recent years, a great influence in his translation of the book is the Wolf Totem. Now it seems he's overseas Han Chinese candidate, but he is old, he was waiting for his translations of Chinese works "translate out of his life." When he learned that several United States guy interested in taking his class, he was very happy.  

famous writer Wang Anyi's everlasting is translated in a successful example of this work by an old a little two France translators in two years to translate it into French, the elderly who live in China for a long time, intensive research on Chinese culture, the young translator of France has a good understanding of contemporary young people's language. They and Wang himself in China and France conducted a number of communications, last version very France reader, sales reached more than 90,000 books, this is work in the overseas market, a rare event in China. Domestic translation professionals view, key to the success of this book is by France Press operation and asked people to translate, and then by France culture channel spread.  

Chinese translators can do  

according to the authoritative statement of translation professionals, preferably outside the translation of native input language to do, that is to say, best native English speakers find English translation, translation of the best looking for people whose native language is French, but in fact Chinese translator in the culture go not beyond. Qian soon China reading a book by Shanghai Yangtze River foreign published company translation into English Hou in overseas of issued on made has larger of success, its success of reasons is translator are translation Shi, is not simple to put text from Chinese translation into English even finished, but in original of based Shang for depth again processing, again creation, with Western of language, by Western people like and willing to accept of way told Western people listening to have understand of "China story".  

according to statistics, China Post translation professionals employed about 60,000 people, with hundreds of thousands of people in different form of translation, but the existing translators cannot meet China's growing demand for translation work. Translators at translate foreign languages into your native language, and translate into their native language into a foreign language, is recognized as a high, fine, sharp, capable foreign talents in serious shortage, estimated shortfall of up to more than 90%.  

currently, the backbone of the translated work mostly the older generation in translation, serious shortage of excellent middle-aged and young translators, translation team "fault" is worrying.


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