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Public facilities to eliminate commercials

New regulations in Beijing now ban commercial ads from municipal public facilities, related  authorities will embark on a large scale treatment campaign, focusing on public facilities which  are adorned with commercial ads, starting from next month. 

According to the revised provisional regulations on the management of public facilities along  urban roads, commercial ads are not allowed on facilities of public welfare, such as bulletin  boards, newspaper columns, newsstands, movable lavatories, dustbins or pillar boxes alongside pedestrian  streets in the city. 

Statistics show, there are currently thirty categories of public facilities along the city's roads , with a large part of them displaying various kinds of dazzling commercials, strongly  offsetting its use as a public utility. 

Authorities will take down, remove or otherwise clean up those public facilities which are  tarnished, starting from September. Public facilities that mix public interests with commercial benefits  will be dealt with carefully. 

As also stipulated in the regulations, the location of public facilities should not affect  traffic lights, traffic marks, and it should not affect the landscape of surroundings peoples. 

The municipal government embarked on a revision of the regulations in the middle of April  and the revision work is expected to be completed soon. 

Beijing's new regulations against commercial ads posted on the municipal public facilities. Starting from next month, the Government will have to be labeled commercials a large-scale reorganization of the public facilities.  

according to the interim amendments to the Bill on the management of public facilities in urban streets, commercials the following posts is strictly prohibited on public property in the city, such as bulletin boards, news, Windows, books, newspapers, mobile toilets, bins and sidewalks on either side of the mailbox.  

statistics show that currently has 30 public facilities on both sides of the street of the city, most of which is covered with a dizzying array of commercials, which more than offset their use as public facilities.  

starting from September, Government will be removed, relocated or through other means to remove those already tarnished public facilities suffered damage, especially those public interest mixed in with public and commercial benefits of equipment will be properly dealt with.  

Act also provides that placement of public facilities should not affect the traffic lights, traffic signs, and should not affect the surrounding masses of green belt.  

Municipal Government has started in mid-April this Ordinance is related to work, and the work is expected to be completed as soon as possible in the near future.


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