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"Silent telephone" instant translation

Germany Hannover international fair of information and communication technologies 2nd exhibited a "silent telephone" lip activity rates can be converted to computer sound. Using this phone, people can make calls without vocal people on the other end hear the content of speech, avoiding chatter "phone" to disturb others.  

the call by Germany Karlsruhe Institute of technology research and development, using electromyographic recording of monitoring human muscles slightly when he addressed activities and turn them into electrical pulses into the computer after voice. In this process, "speaker" need not make any sounds.  

researcher maikeer·wande said: "we now paste electrode on the skin. In future, such electrodes will be placed in the phone. " 

"silent cell phone" a wide range of uses. It can be helped who has lost his voice due to illness or accident to communicate with others, tell a friend about your password without fear of being overheard, it also allows you to instantly become able to speak several languages, "cattle".  

wande says: "one end of the speaker on the phone silent ' speak ' native language, the other end can hear the translation of another language. Sounds like the speaker spoke a foreign language. "  However, this technology is only available in English, French and German. Due to the overly complex languages such as Chinese, sound technology is the problem. The researchers hope, "silent cell phone" in the market within 5 years to 10 years.


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