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Ten outstanding volunteer: savory translations-Ying Chen

male: ten outstanding volunteer today, we would like to introduce at the age of 85, CHAN Ying Chen savory. Grandmother who lives in Luwan district wuliqiao street every day rain or shine, to Pudong Ling xincun, speaking to a group of deaf sign language interpreter volunteers do.  

Chen Ying, the old man is 85 years old, after the death of his wife a few years ago, lived alone in Luwan district wuliqiao Street Meng Zi Wei. Elderly, very regular, every day 6:30 A.M. out, ride two buses arrive before Pu Dongling xincun 7:30 Changqing road bus terminus, Dongming strong community '' volunteers '' the deaf sign language interpreter volunteers do.  

(Journal of the '' strong '' volunteer service corps of the deaf   Wang Yikang-she made us deaf mouth, do our deaf ears. ) 

(ten outstanding volunteer   Chen Ying-they (the deaf) has given me, I would also like to make a contribution for the Expo, so follow their posts, post induction service.)  

Zhiqiang after the establishment of the volunteer service, we all take turns service to the station, but Chen Ying is the only sign language interpreter for the elderly, almost every day to go to and advise are advised not to live.  

(Dong Ming Zhou Qi, Party Secretary of the street--  he says this is my Expo in your heart wants to do one thing, they want one thing contributing to society),  

now, every morning, 84 Terminal red waistcoat, Red Hat has become a street landscape, and Chen Ying, the old man through her sign language interpreters, deaf and normal people built a bridge of love between.  


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