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Who robbed the formal translation jobs?

Spain businessmen Fred bums do these days: he came looking for a shirt company in Yiwu, a million Yuan worth of OEM business, has hired two translators, but they only offered him the hotel, stroll around and took him to the market. Shirts went to several distribution companies based in the urban areas, they requested details of translation understand, he had to walk home.  

in contact with merchants in Yiwu, the reporter found that many customers have come across similar situations, some non-professional translators have negative market effects.  

non-professional translation delays  

"because the translation did not clarify the specifications of the product, so I lost a 200,000 yuan business. "The goat of the tissue trade in Yiwu. In early June, in line to see a United States merchants in Yiwu ordered some paper towel and immediately found a translation help contact. Both sides during the interview, the foreign at first happy, but later went away unhappy. In hindsight, translation was wrong product specifications, foreign parties are not required to produce his paper towels.  

Chen Bijuan engaged in footwear exports in Yiwu. In mid-June, two businessmen in the Middle East saw a few shoes in her shop, she found to translate. After snagging style, Chen shipped as scheduled, only to be told that discrepancies in style, returning the whole expenses are to be borne by her, daopei tens of thousands of Yuan.  

part business admits, and foreign business, fear most is not money, but translation is not professional enough, so goes the can otherwise negotiate business and foreign businessmen in Yiwu distrust.  

translation fees varied  

If various kinds of language translation company admissibility of Yiwu added estimated to break 100. This is a reflection of the increasing translation needs of the market.  

several translation companies offer from Yiwu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, average price and difference. English, German, Japanese and other languages, every day, accompanied by the translation services charges in 400~700; small languages such as Arabic, Korean, accompanied the translation fees in the thousands of Yuan every day, these prices may be appropriately reduced.  

However, some translations are not professional, but you can halve the price, even the acceptable price of 200 Yuan a day, which brings enormous impact to regular translation companies. These translations available, much more convenient than to fuck someone, this is an important reason they attracted merchants.  

in Yiwu, Chen said engaged in foreign language training, non-professional translators are generally part-time, they will not be too preoccupied on the charges, especially temporary, accompanied by the translation, can get up to two or three hours. If they contact the merchant, running two or three places a day, a month is not a small income.  

translator must have qualification certificate  

what the jobs of men struggling for the formal translation company? Found in in an interview with reporters, there are graduate students in colleges and universities, foreign trade company in China, also have part-time jobs in private translation, there are many domestic provinces and cities alone understand different languages of migrants.  

in accordance with State regulations, to become a true translation by the translation test, achieved the national translation certificate. "Now even university graduates CET, and how many people can communicate directly with foreigners? Not to mention the highly specialized translation of business terms. Moreover, the excellent translation you want to use a different level of understanding of the language's major State-owned, including customs, habits, daily language, otherwise, it is difficult to fully express information expressed by the two parties. "Mr Chen said, some businesses didn't realize this point, losses are unavoidable.


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