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Written translation (unit: Yuan/thousand Chinese characters)

General documents: Business letters, business reports, company profiles, investment materials, advertising, social networking, such as invitations, news and current affairs;

Technical documents:
Product instructions, user manuals, equipment installation and debugging information, in-depth technical information, academic research papers and scientific information; Legal instrument style:
Contracts, agreements, contracts, tenders, companies ' annual reports, announcements, prospectus, notary, certificate, certificates, patent documents, Judicature/arbitration papers, government documents, diplomatic documents, and so on.



Other languages
In English translation Chinese-English translation ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign
General category 100-120 150-160 180-200 200-240 240-500 280-600
Professional class 120-140 160-180 200-250 220-280 320-540 320-540
Senior class 140-180 180-240 250-300 280-320 360-580 360-580

1. the above quotes are only for reference and price, exact pricing will be based on file content difficulty and technical complexity of the process and timelines depending on the priorities.
2. Word Count method: using Microsoft Word 2003 menu "tool "-" word count displayed "-" characters (without spaces) ". Small pieces of the thousand words payment of less than thousands of words.
3. expedited fee for the section of the manuscript properly complete number of days divided by customer, multiplied by the number of days required to complete the unit price. Generally fluctuated between 30%--60%.
4. free local delivery, free registered post. Free translation of laser printed copy and a copy of the electronic document.
5. support services: graphic design company under the Ministry, to provide high-end design, photography, printing and binding services.

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