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Escort interpreting quote

Escort interpreting quote

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  English Japanese In Korean German, French, Russian Western, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese Other minor languages
Escort 800 RMB/day 1000 RMB/day 1000 RMB/day 1200 RMB/day 1300 Yuan/day 1500 Yuan/day
Conference 1000 RMB/day 1200 RMB/day 1200 RMB/day 1500 Yuan/day 1600 RMB/day 1800 RMB/day
Negotiations 1200 RMB/day 1300 Yuan/day 1300 Yuan/day 1600 RMB/day 1800 RMB/day 2000 RMB/day
1, the "escort", accompanied by a general tour or private meetings, etc, not involved in the professional field.
2, "Conference" refers to the General Conference, meeting, no more than 10 people. If more than 10 people for conferences, costs about 300 yuan.
3, the "negotiation" refers to the commercial field, an important business meeting. "SI" needs one month in advance to make an appointment.

4, English translation/person-day working time is 8 hours (does not include simultaneous interpretation), Japanese, Korean, 7 hour day/person, for 6 hours/day in other languages. For every 1 hours of overtime, plus 50% overtime costs.

5, out on business customers, responsible for the transportation, accommodation and other costs of translation. Prices of special and rare languages is negotiable. If the business needs to increase the allowance of trip on business, such as 100 Yuan/day.

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