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In English translation Chinese-English translation ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign ORAL TRANSLATION In the foreign
General category 118 126 136 142 158 172 280 300 350 380
Professional class 130 142 148 154 180 200 300 330 380 420
Senior class 140 158 170 180 210 230 350 360 400 450
Translate large customers, price is determined by negotiation!
A. General category: business letters, company profiles, advertisements, invitations, business, science, and more non-professional document;
B. professional categories: product specifications, user manuals, technical documentation, articles, medical information, installation guides and other technical documents;
C. high class: contracts, tender documents, patent documents, Judicature/arbitration documents, notarized documents, government documents, company reports and other documents;
1. the manuscript in terms of number characters in price. Word Count method: using the Microsoft Word menu "Tools"-"word count"-the number of characters (spaces are not recorded) ", charging by the 1000 character translation information less than 1000 characters.
2. the above rates are pre-tax price.
3. documents, abroad, notary information, driver's license class, admission notice, seal materials see documents price list.
4. strong professional, rigorous and require a higher degree of patent, legal documents, contracts and other information according to the technical difficulty of increasing costs of 20%-30%, expedited manuscript to 20%-100% express charge. Urgent criteria (translators work 8 hours a day for the 3000-5000 character).
5. the signing of the agreement 50% payment in advance, manuscript submitted to settle balance.
6. the content, use of the translation and the translation of the company directly or indirectly assumes no responsibility for the consequences of use; the company is responsible for the accuracy of the translation. Textual sources, content, and purpose are not responsible; responsibility up to bear the costs of translation.
7. floating price is for general technical information translation and professional translation material. If you need details, please contact us!

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