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(1) Romance languages (or Latin) including Italy language, French, Spain, and Portugal, and Romania language, Catalan, and Galician language, Moldavian language, leituoluoman, and so on.
(2) the Germanic is divided into West Germanic and North Germain Manno, including the German, Netherlands, Flanders language, English language, which includes Denmark, and Sweden, and Norway, and Iceland language. In addition, the part of Jews speak Yiddish also belongs to the Germanic family of languages.
(3) the Slavic language family is divided into the East Slavic, West Slavic and South Slavic languages. East Slavic from Russia language, Ukraine, and Belarus language composition; West Slavic languages including Poland languages, Sorbian, Czech and Slovakia, and the language belongs to the South Slavic languages, Bulgaria, and Serbia-Croatia language, Macedonian, Slovenia language and so on.
(4) the Celtic family of languages including Ireland language, Scottish Gaelic and Breton, Weir-Creole.
(5) the Baltic languages Latvian and Lithuania language form, or call Leto-Lithuania family.
(6) Greece family of Greece language as a whole.
(7) Albania languages at present only Albania language.
(8) India languages in Europe mainly refers to the native language of the Gypsies.

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