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Translation process

telephone consultation

customers through our company's telephones, business QQ, MSN and Email for business consulting.

project analysis

received item, we will check the translation volumes and requirements of customers, including pages, words, layout formats, image processing, text format, mode of delivery, delivery time and other contract-related content. Meanwhile, we treat our artworks to the project Department, by project type assessment articles and professional level. We will assess the feedback of the results to the customer and make a reasonable offer, up to the customer whether you need to translate.


we will according to customer requirements and determine the translation program translation to determine Division of professional translators and the delivery order and coordination, monitoring and control. Best solution providers for your translation, we have the skills and qualification of our translators are carefully analysed and identified. We only have the appropriate educational background, technology experienced translators to translate your articles.

initial revision

after the end of the first draft of the translation, by a good translator to professional proofreading and translation the Commission draft, which facilitated feedback to translators to check, preliminary revision of good translation to proofreading.

Edit, the second proof

after the end of the translation will be an auditor to a professional proofreading and translation the Commission drafts, which facilitated feedback to translators to check, personnel ne bis in idem double proofreading and polishing, and edit it. This process will eliminate spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, while ensuring the appropriate use of words and consistency.

submit customer

after a translation, second translation upon the acceptance by the translation Department Manager, submitted to the customer.

quality, after-sales service

translation translation of customer quality tracking, free service.


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